The task was to develop 3 or 4-wheeled  vehicle powered by muscular force.


Recumbent position was chosen to increase driver’s comfort while moving and overall shape to have an opportunity to install sun and rain protection in the future and also for better driver’s safety.


Grasshopper steering system was based  on steering system of quadrocycles: horizontal axis connects steering joint of both front wheels that makes turn easier and with lesser radius.


Nylon corsetry net and parachute straps were used to create the seat which made it both strong but very light.

Group project with:

Daniil Ostrikov

Yulia Brazauskayte




Faces&Laces 2015

«Inventing bicycle» 2015

dimensions — 1850 х 900 х 1070 mm

materials — steel alloy, nylon corsetry net, parachute straps

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